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Sanderson Consultants is a leading global institutional asset manager with an unwavering focus on investors’ needs. We derive an “investment edge” through harnessing the brightest investment minds around the globe. Across investment strategies, we achieve our objectives of producing attractive risk-adjusted returns in a variety of market environments because of our experience, expertise, and disciplined investment approach. Our investors benefit from this edge across public and private instruments, spanning equity, credit, and real asset investments, both through our direct alternatives and our outsourced CIO capabilities. Today Sanderson Consultants oversees approximately $5.8 billion in assets under management.

Asset Based Opportunities

Investment Philosophy
This strategy emphasizes capital preservation and cash flow generation from assets purchased at attractive current cash yields and equity-like upside optionality.
Strategy Overview Our Asset Based Opportunities strategy seeks to uncover mispriced asset based investment opportunities through fundamental analysis and in-depth understanding of asset valuation. Current market dislocation, including illiquidity, repricing of assets, deleveraging, and regulatory changes, create compelling asset based investment opportunities. Assets targeted for investment are real assets, including rail cars, aircrafts, vessels, working interests in oil and gas, and commercial real estate and financial assets, including auto loans, credit card loans, franchise loans and equipment lending, small business loans, and other consumer assets.

Global Macro

Investment Philosophy
This strategy is highly liquid, investing in equity indices, currencies, sovereign debt, credit, and commodities with a strong focus on risk management in an effort to limit the frequency and severity of drawdowns.
Strategy Overview
The investment strategy is based on fundamental macro-economic research to establish predictive relationships between macro-economic factors and asset returns. These principles are implemented in a rigorous, systematic investment framework. The goal of the strategy is to estimate the dynamics of risk premia across all liquid assets globally in order to identify opportunities to deploy risk to maximize reward. The investment approach incorporates analysis of the current economic environment as well as prediction of the evolution of the business cycle across multiple regions.

Growth Equity

Investment Philosophy
Sanderson Consultants Growth Equity is a private equity group focused on growth-oriented, lower middle market companies across the consumer/retail, services and industrial sectors, primarily in the United States.
Strategy Overview
The Growth Equity team partners with existing business owners and management teams, delivering capital in tailored and flexible structures to help companies execute on their growth objectives and plans for value creation. The Growth Equity team seeks to invest in businesses that have strong and differentiated competitive positions and, under the leadership of strong management teams, offer the potential for significant continued growth.

Diversified Equities

Investment Philosophy
This strategy represents a combination of tactical long/short equity investing and event-driven equity investing within the context of a diversified, low-net portfolio of mid and large cap equities.
Strategy Overview
In the short to medium term the fundamental drivers of stocks can often be diluted or even overridden by other influencers of stock prices such as technicals, macro/thematic factors and behavioral sentiment. As a result, Sanderson Consultants has developed an iterative ‘multiple-lens’ approach that takes into account all of these considerations in developing portfolio construction and managing risk. To achieve its objective, the strategy invests in both select long and short equity opportunities and event-driven opportunities with a hard catalyst. The strategy leverages significant knowledge synergies between the two strategies and maintains a flexible investment mandate across such strategies in order to take advantage of opportunities presented by the market.

Agility / Your Outsourced Investment Solution

Sanderson Consultants created the Agility platform to provide your organization an Outsourced Investment Team with comprehensive capabilities that can offer customized programs to meet your individual investment requirements. Our team of professionals has decades of experience and executes a proven and disciplined due diligence process to identify and invest with top managers across asset classes.
Value Proposition
Today, the investment landscape is global and more complex than ever. At many institutions, investment management is often under-resourced, and attracting and retaining specialized in-house investment talent is both difficult and expensive. To be an effective fiduciary now requires an institutional approach involving investment, risk management, legal, compliance, and operational expertise. With Agility, Sanderson Consultants can serve as an extension of your staff or volunteer board and offer customized investment programs designed to complement the remainder of your portfolio. Approach
The Agility platform’s success is ultimately built upon a close, strategic partnership between you and the Agility Investment Team. With a long-term horizon, we construct diversified portfolios by investing across geographies, asset classes, managers, and positions. We use a detailed, proprietary methodology as well as internal and external tools to measure and manage risk in your portfolio. Combined with the support of experienced legal, compliance, risk management, trading and operational teams, we create a customized investment program to complement and enhance your portfolio.


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