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Our Approach

Equity Investment Approach

We are bottom-up, fundamental valuation driven investors. We believe that earnings and dividend growth are the primary drivers of share price appreciation, and that through thorough research we can identify companies – preferably with an enduring competitive advantage – that will show superior earnings and dividend growth which is not reflected in current valuations. In the fullness of time, the market prices of such businesses will converge with their steadily growing value. A number of core holdings have been in our portfolios for longer than a decade, although their weightings have been actively adjusted based on shorter term prospects and relative performance. We also invest selectively in attractively valued, more cyclical opportunities as well as faster growing emerging companies.

Multi-Asset Investment Approach

We apply a valuation based process to derive expected returns for the various asset classes that make up our investment universe. This process quantifies how the component drivers of asset class returns will contribute to that asset class’s overall expected return. We then seek to understand how much additional return we are able to generate for taking on additional levels of downside risk for different combinations of asset classes. Portfolios are structured to maximize expected returns for an acceptable level of downside risk. Our top-down strategic asset class allocations are married with our bottom-up view of individual securities.

Fixed Income Investment Approach

Our research driven process aims to identify fixed income assets that have deviated from fair value, and then quantify the potential upside relative to the downside. We seek to generate out performance by investing across the full spectrum of fixed income strategies, while balancing risk in the portfolio. This mitigates the impact on the portfolio in the case of an unexpected negative event. We have the ability to look beyond the traditional fixed income assets and add value through the selective inclusion of inflation-linked bonds, credit bonds, convertible bonds, listed property and offshore assets.


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